High Frequency Words: 50 Mat
  • These are the 50 High Frequency Words that your students will need to know by May: HFW 50 Mat
Go Fish with High Frequency Words
Print Go Fish Q1 cards on cardstock and cut. Deal each player 6 cards. One player at a time asks another player if they have a certain card in their hand, “Mamá, ¿tienes la palabra soy?” If the player has the card, he/she has to give it to the other player. If he/she does not, he/she says “¡A pescar!” and the player picks a card from the pile. When the cards run out, the player with the most sight word pairs wins.
Ipad Apps
  • Spanish Word Wizard ($2.99)- This is great for building words and sentences. The students will learn the sounds and experiment with sound spelling.
  • Busuu Kids Spanish Full ($9.99)- This is a great app for building language and vocabulary through games. It’s a bit expensive but it’s engaging!
  • Spanish First Words with Phonics ($1.99)- This is a basic app where the students drag letter sounds and build words.
  • Letter School ($5.99)- This is a fun app for letter formation (starting at the top etc). Please play this app on SILENT since it reinforces sounds in English.
  • App Crayon (Free)- This is another handwriting app. The students trace the letters to practice correct letter formation.
  • Lee Paso a Paso (Free)- This app help children learn the basics to start reading Spanish through syllables.
  • Lee Paso a Paso 2 (Free)- This app is a continuation of “Lee Paso a Paso.” It is awesome for Spanish syllables!

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