Best Ipad Apps!

This was one piece of information I wanted to share with you at Curriculum Night, but I ran out of time. So here is the list of ipad apps that we use in the classroom! If you have an ipad at home, I encourage you to add them. If you do not have an ipad, please do NOT feel like you need to buy one. Also always let me know if you find something that I don’t have. I will post the list under the resource tab on the blog as well.

Best Ipad Apps:

  • Spanish Word Wizard ($2.99)- This is great for building words and sentences. The students will learn the sounds and experiment with sound spelling.
  • Busuu Kids Spanish Full ($9.99)- This is a great app for building language and vocabulary through games. It’s a bit expensive but it’s engaging!
  • Spanish First Words with Phonics ($1.99)- This is a basic app where the students drag letter sounds and build words.
  • Letter School ($5.99)- This is a fun app for letter formation (starting at the top etc). Please play this app on SILENT since it reinforces sounds in English.
  • App Crayon (Free)- This is another handwriting app. The students trace the letters to practice correct letter formation.
  • Lee Paso a Paso (Free)- This app help children learn the basics to start reading Spanish through syllables.
  • Lee Paso a Paso 2 (Free)- This app is a continuation of “Lee Paso a Paso.” It is awesome for Spanish syllables!
  • Feed Me! (Mexican Spanish) ($2.99)- This app covers shapes, counting, sorting, colors, position words etc in Spanish. It is a great foundation for Kindergarten Spanish concepts, and the monsters are a hit with the kids.
  • Splash Math Kindergarten ($9.99)- This app is all in English but it covers many of our kindergarten math topics. It is leveled so it will build on your child’s knowledge.
  • Greater Gator ($0.99)- Greater Gator is an educational math game about comparing numbers. The kids love it!

2 responses to “Best Ipad Apps!

  1. Are these apps available for Android devices?

    • senoritasmith306

      I looked into it, and the only one I found available on Android was the Busuu Spanish. Android has some cool equivalent apps though! On first glance, I liked “Best Spanish ABC Trace & Learn.” If you come across more Spanish Android apps for kids, please share them!

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