Your child should have come home with a blue folder today! I think all 24 folders made it out the door so that’s a great start.

Here is a quick re-cap of what to do for homework:

  • Homework goes home on Fridays and is DUE the following THURSDAY (This homework will be due August 28th).  
  • The menu for the week is posted under the HOMEWORK TAB on our blog. Please download it and print it out.
  • Cut out each menu box and glue it onto the correct square in the journal.
  • Some boxes have bullets with multiple different assignments. Please only do ONE assignment from each box. Circle the assignment your child chose. Some boxes do not offer a choice.
  • Each week you will use 2 pages in the homework journal. The last page is the reading log for the week. In the top part, you can list the books you read to your child, and in the bottom section you can write the paper books your child read to you (e.g. Librito de la Oo.)

Please post any questions you have about homework in the comments in case someone else has your same question. Thanks!

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