This Week in Kinder

Hi all,


First I would like to say thank you for all the love during teacher appreciation week! I am grateful to have such a supportive group of students and parents. It’s been a fun year 🙂

We’re in the final stretch, and it feels a bit crazy. Here’s a glimpse at what’s going on:



We are done with homework menus!! Yay! On Friday we sent home a project to complete with your child about their favorite part of kindergarten. It was sent on a yellow piece of construction paper. Please work on this over the next two weeks and send it in whenever you finish. Each child will share their work with the class.


We are done with library visits for the year! The upper graders are using the library space for testing. Please turn in your library books to the red basket in the classroom sometime this week so Mrs. Murphy can get all of her books back. Thanks!

This Week

Wednesday- We will have a substitute in the morning, and I will be pulling the students to the hallway to take the reading test in a quiet environment 🙂

Thursday- The Kindergarten teachers have collaboration in the afternoon so the students will be with their art, music, and dance teachers.

Friday- All of the Kindergarten teachers will have substitutes because we will be testing the incoming kindergarteners all day (Remember that from last year?)

Zoo Field Trip 

If you were chosen to chaperone the zoo field trip on May 16th, please confirm with me that you still want to go and who will be going for your family. Here’s the most recent update I have:

The four students whose parents can come for free are:

  • Miliana
  • Kayden
  • Ricardo
  • Mariah

The four students whose parents can come for $10 are listed below. Please pay me before we go!

  • Mia- confirmed!
  • Aiden- confirmed & paid!
  • Nolan- confirmed!
  • Nadia- confirmed!

Thanks everyone! Hope you have a great week.

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