Pizza Update for Friday!

Hi everyone! 2 more days!


Here’s a quick update on the pizzas that we need for Friday’s picnic in the park:

  • Mia’s mom (Monica Fraijo) offered to place the order and pick up all of the pizzas from Dominos to make it easier for everyone (THANK YOU!)
  • If you would like her to order your large pizza, please pay me or her $8 by 8:15 on Friday morning. 
  • We still need 2 more people to sign up and bring pizza (or pay the $8) so here is the sign-up sheet to do that: Sign-Up

Thanks for all your help making this a success!

P.S. Tomorrow is pajama day in kindergarten!

2 responses to “Pizza Update for Friday!

  1. Yeli Fernandez

    Are all the pizza volunteer slots filled? I looked at the sheet but I couldn’t tell if you still need more pizza volunteers?


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