Practice with Numbers 1-10

Race to Trace: Print  Race to Trace mat, Dot Cards and  Number Cards. Mix up dot and Number Cards 1-12.

  • Player 1: Flip over card. Trace number on race to trace mat in one color.
  • Player 2: Flip over card. Trace number on race to trace mat with a different color.
  • When mat is finished, count which player traced more numbers. That player wins!
BINGO with Numbers 1-10: Print BINGO Mats #1-10 and the Dot Cards and  Number Cards if you haven’t already. 
  • Start with a pile of Number Cards or Dot Cards.
  • Pick a card. Ask your child to tell you what number it is.
  • Anyone playing who has that number on their mat can cover it (with a bean, a coin etc). 
  • First to cover all of their squares wins! 
Practice with Numbers 11-20
BINGO with Numbers 11-20: Print BINGO Mats #11-20 and Number Cards if you haven’t already.
  • Follow the same rules as above but only use Number Cards 11-20.
Practice With Shapes
Play BINGO with 2D and 3D Shapes. Print BINGO Shapes Mat and Shape Cards.
  • Follow the same rules as above, but have your child practice naming the shape on the card. 
Practice Writing Numbers 1-20
Print Write Numbers 1-20 and have your child  write numbers on his/her own.
Ipad Apps for Math
  • Feed Me! (Mexican Spanish) ($2.99)- This app covers shapes, counting, sorting, colors, position words etc in Spanish. It is a great foundation for Kindergarten Spanish concepts, and the monsters are a hit with the kids.
  • Splash Math Kindergarten ($9.99)- This app is all in English but it covers many of our kindergarten math topics. It is leveled so it will build on your child’s knowledge.
  • Greater Gator ($0.99)- Greater Gator is an educational math game about comparing numbers. The kids love it! 

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